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Energy of the golden triangle of Isis


This energy was (re)discovered in 1986 by James Purner after he had two visions which informed him that he was to be called upon to help people with their emotional, spiritual and physical problems.  

The Golden Triangle is a spiritual system from Ancient Egypt in connection with the Goddess Isis.

It activates the personal growth of the Initiate and is used to work in healing sessions because it is a very powerful healing tool.  


Once you are initiated into this energy, you can use it to heal yourself or others by activating this energy.

The Golden Triangle can be used for distance healing, live healing, self healing and in combination with other healing energy systems like Reiki.

A symbol is taught in this system and an initiation is imparted.  

Who is Isis?

Isis is the Greek name for Aset (or Iset), the protective and saving goddess of Egyptian mythology. It is part of the great Ennead of Iounou (Heliopolis).

Isis seems to have been in ancient times the personification of the throne; its name in hieroglyphs Iset, means the seat. 

In the inscriptions, she is represented as a woman wearing a seat (which looks like a three-step stool). Later, its representation changes; we see her as a woman carrying the horns of the cow enclosing the solar disc (goddess Hathor).

Mother Goddess: 

She may be the heiress of a prehistoric mother goddess worshiped in the delta, where, according to myth, she raised the child Horus. 

It has also been assumed that he is related to a Mesopotamian demon, the Lilith of the myth of Gilgamesh. 

At the end of the 5th Dynasty, she is mentioned in the Pyramid Texts, where she protects the deceased king from putrefaction. The Ramessides built sanctuaries to him in Memphis and Abydos in particular. In Greco-Roman times, she became the universal goddess, invoked both in Egypt and throughout the Mediterranean basin and beyond.

Isis is the Great Goddess par excellence.

In the Osirian myth, she is the exemplary wife who, thanks to her magical powers and with the help of her sister Nephthys, succeeds in resuscitating Osiris, the time of a union from which the god Horus was born. 

She found thirteen of the fourteen body parts of her beloved (the missing part being the penis, which she reconstructed in clay), murdered and dismembered by Seth, her jealous brother. Isis breathed into him the breath of life, and gave him a son, Horus.  

Symbol of femininity in its biological aspects, it is through her that the mystery of life is accomplished. In Freudian language, one could even say that Isis represents the matrix, the feminine cup which receives the masculine principle.  


As a magician who brought Osiris back to life, she is also a healing goddess. Patients sometimes wore amulets bearing his likeness.

As the mother of Horus, she is a giver of life and a guardian goddess who watches over her child. In this role, she is often depicted as Isis lactans in Roman times, carrying the infant Horus in her arms and nursing him. The Virgin breastfeeding Christ is certainly not unrelated to the memory of the wife of Osiris and the Christian black virgins are so many reminiscences of her.  


As the widow of Osiris, she is a protective deity of the deceased. With Nephthys, Neith and Selkis, she is guardian of the sarcophagus which she protects with her outstretched arms, while Imsety, son of Horus, watches over one of the four canopic jars containing the viscera of the deceased: the head jar. of man which contains the liver.  


In this training you will learn:

* To connect with the Goddess Isis 

* Third eye stimulation exercises 

* Using the symbol in the third eye to increase telepathic and spiritual abilities, 

* Treatments by connecting to the energy of the Golden Triangle, 

* The Transmission of initiation,  etc

Following your initiation, you will receive a certificate attesting to it and will have a 21-day follow-up. You will access a private training group via Facebook and join a discussion group via messenger.

The initiation is given remotely.

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