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Frequency Therapy 
Rebalancing the energy of the body through sounds, light and micro-current



Coming from quantum therapy, bioresonance is a form of care that aims to stimulate and potentiate the body's ability to heal itself by mobilizing its energy. This non-invasive and painless therapy uses electromagnetic waves to send the body (cell, system, organ, etc.) its correct operating frequency. 

Bioresonance is both a form of diagnosis and holistic therapy. It is based on the principle that all living beings pick up and emit their own hertzian frequency. The latter is collected by a bioresonance device: an instrument capable of reading the wavelengths of energy coming from the cells of the body. By interpreting the results, experts in this therapy are able to decipher information relating to the patient's health.

We all face the same challenges. Stress, fatigue, anxiety, pain, migraines, acne, digestion problems, difficulty concentrating, painful periods, or even depressed mood.

These "little" daily ailments can become really disabling and without you realizing it, they take up more space in your life than they should. They prevent you from doing the things you love, from fully being the person you want to be, and from being as present for your loved ones as you would like.

Life is meant to be lived, fully and fully. And I've made it my humble mission to help as many people as possible regain control over their health and well-being because that's where the real wealth lies.

The Healy Therapy

Healy is a medical device for the treatment of chronic pain and pain related to fibromyalgia, musculoskeletal disorders and migraine, as well as for the adjunctive treatment of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and associated sleep disturbances. The other applications of Healy are not recognized by conventional medicine due to the lack of evidence in the sense that it understands it.

For who ?
For us but also for our animal friends

Designed to promote calm and bring inner strength to your pet.

Many people consider their pets to be some of their best friends in life. We always want the best for our animal, we want to care for and protect it. But in everyday life, he can face many negative influences: Environmental conditions and the effects of aging can impair his quality of life and vitality.


Healy apps

Healy apps can help you stay in shape, replenish your vital energy and reduce pain. Healy has been designed to support you in the stress of everyday life, to help you recover more easily and to find better rest at the end of the day.
Healy aims to help you increase your vitality, so that your vital energy circulates better and to allow you to tap into your energy accumulator.


I  offers you individual programs for the following areas of application:
  • Pain / Psyche

  • Skin

  • Fitness

  • Beauty

  • Meridians/Chakras

  • Bioenergetic balance

  • Protection programs

  • Sleep

  • Psychic balance

  • Job

  • Studies

  • Self esteem

  • emotional balance

  • Personal relationships

  • Family relationships

  • Social relations

  • Spirituality

Yoga at Home
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