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Definition of care and energetics

The treatment is a privileged moment with oneself, to bring well-being, relaxation, relaxation in the face of surrounding stress. It is here that we intervene with you, in order to allow you to access this letting go and allow you to apprehend everyday life with serenity.

Energetics is the use of the vital energy that surrounds us, to capture and transmit it as “purely” as possible. It is played on the conscious intention, the more my intention is “pure”; is “unconditional love” (Karuna), the more impact and strength it will have for the recipient.  

Following the initiations received, Olivia channels the energy of the golden triangle of Isis, attached to the sacred feminine, and also uses the green flame, powerful energy of healing and abundance.

An energy treatment is therefore a treatment that harmonizes and balances the energy flow of body and mind.

It brings care and unties the knots, blockages and stress of all our bodies; physical and etheric.  

Imagine flowing a river of benevolent and benevolent heat in your whole being, which little by little lets go of its resistances and puts itself at global rest.

You come out of it calmer, and sometimes grown, with a new outlook on the world. A true connection with pure beauty and the joy of harmony.


From this experience can arise a call from the soul, a feeling of need to use its energies, to channel to bring well-being to oneself and to the world as well.  

If this is your case, we can of course carry out an initiation of the desired energy.

In person or remotely, you can now book your holistic treatment by clicking on the following link or by filling out the contact form below. 

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